Many issues that present themselves can be traced back to an overactive mind. People often report that they ‘think too much’.

We have pioneered a technique of stimulating right-brain activity and slowing down left-brain activity. This results in less chatter in the mind and more awareness of being in the present.

Jill Bolte Taylor has a very good video describing some of the left- and right-brain differences here:

My stroke of insight

Put simply, the left brain deals with sequential, serial thinking: calculating, planning, pattern recognition and language, at least as far as speaking and reading is concerned as we put words in front of each other.

The right brain processes parallel information: the ‘here and now’, imagination and pictures are processed in the right brain.

We need a good relationship between the left and right brain. When reading imaginative books for instance, the processing of the words is done in the left brain whilst the pictures are created in the right brain.

It has been found that creativity, which is a result of a good relationship between the left and right brain, is decreasing in children. In my view this is because children have less opportunity to engage in traditional, imaginative play. This article describes the situation very well.

We have developed techniques that enable you to slow down the left-brain chatter and become more tuned in to the stillness of the right-brain: Being in the moment. This helps with a wide range of issues from sleep problems and anxiety to public speaking.