Depression has been called the malaise of the twenty-first century. One of the most frequent reasons for visiting a doctor is depression in one form or another. Doctors will usually prescribe one of the many anti-depressants that are available, but this does not resolve the root cause of the depression.

As with most issues that present themselves, we can usually achieve a fairly quick resolution, at least compared to visiting a psychiatrist or psychologist. Although obviously some issues take a few sessions to resolve, most people will see some improvement even after the first few sessions.

We change the harmful thought patterns which can lead to depressive slumps through a combination of mindfulness training, meditation and hypnosis for depression.

Beyond our initial appointments providing hypnosis for depression, clients can use our prescribed meditation and mindfulness programs to continue the work at home. We also use hypnosis to provide support for a number of other things, including sleep disturbances, which can all trickle into general wellbeing as well.

It’s a holistic service provided by Hypnotherapy online.

Anxiety can be a generalised feeling that people have from the moment they wake until they go to bed. It’s vague but always there, or it can be in the form of a complete panic attack.

A panic attack can come on out of the blue – for instance in a shopping centre. There is a feeling of the heart speeding up, clammy skin, and a feeling of panic takes over. This feeling in turn causes anxiety which then adds to the feeling of panic until it can result in a complete collapse.

A panic attack is always over within a few minutes. We teach techniques that enable you to stop the panic attack and also resolve the issues that gave rise to these feelings in the first place.

We use Mindfulness as a basis for dealing with these issues, but the name is not really relevant. The technique allows the client to detach from the thoughts that would otherwise lead to depression or anxiety. We don’t stop the thoughts, although the thoughts die down, but they no longer bother them.