Our years of clinical experience tell us that children and young people respond very well to the various treatments hypnosis can be used for – partially because they don’t have the fears or preconceptions about hypnosis many adults have, partially because they have a natural and intuitive ability to focus and relax easily in these sessions.

Children and teens usually really enjoy the sessions, and indeed, the mums and dads that get involved gain a lot from the sessions too.

Some common issues we deal with are:

These programs are based on our clinical work and have proved to be very effective in helping resolve various issues that children and teens face.

A relaxing, drug-free treatment experience for your child, you’ll find that hypnotherapy and our related clinical services don’t have the negative side effects of pharmaceutical treatments.

Enquire about our services and how we may be able to help your relationship with your children or help your children.

Other problems that can be helped include;

FearSelf ConfidenceSleep Problems
Low Self EsteemHyperactivity (ADHD)Phobias
StudyingThumb SuckingBedwetting
Eating DisordersSocial ProblemsBullying
StutteringSeparation AnxietyDrug Use
MotivationTraumaAttempted Suicide