As a successful hypnotherapist my business stalled during Covid as it was difficult to meet people face to face. But the demand for therapy didn’t go away. In fact the strains of lockdowns meant that demand was very high for people suffering from anxiety and especially children who were trapped inside and unable to go to school.

I found that I was able to do very successful counselling and hypnotherapy over Zoom. In fact, in some respects it worked better than face to face counselling. People with severe anxiety were able to come to sessions online whereas their anxiety may have prevented them from travelling to my office. Also, I was able to do more frequent sessions as it is easier for people to access a computer for half an hour without having to have to make the trip to my office.

When I started I was unsure myself as to how successful hypnotherapy over Zoom would be so I made an offer: If they got no benefit from the session then they did not need to pay me.

Some hundreds of sessions later, I have never had anyone not pay.